Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hollywood Shuffle is online and absolutely free. YouTube has the complete 1987 online and it's yours to watch for just a click of the mouse.

Written and directed by Robert Townsend, Hollywood Shuffle tells the story of Bobby's (Townsend) struggle to become a Hollywood actor. He's stuck working a dead-end job at a fast-food stand with co-workers who consistently try to destroy his dreams. When Bobby finally gets a major film role, he must decide if he'll play a stereotypical role or refuse, risking his dream of becoming an actor.

Hollywood Shuffle was produced on a bare bones budget with Townsend personally financing the movie on his own credit cards.

While the film is very low budget, it offers many hilarious scenes. In the clip below, Bobby has a daydream as he waits to audition for a movie. Other would-be actors around him are complaining about being told they're not black enough for film roles. Bobby imagines a Black Acting School where white people teach black people how to "act black" by shuffling, grabbing their crotch and speaking jive talk. This is just one of the many hilarious scenes in the film.

So go grab some popcorn, sit back, relax and watch Hollywood Shuffle "you jive turkey mother fucker!"


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