Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Artist Robert Ullman is an illustrator and comic book artist, creating such comic books as Grand Gestures, Lunch-Hour Comix and Atom-Bomb Bikini. Atom-Bomb Bikini: The Lurid Art of Robert Ullman, a book featuring 64 full-color pages of his art is being released by BrandStudio Press. Here's a little blurb from the man himself:

"Everything from editorial spots to sketchbook pages, and girls of every kind, be they sporty, super, or birthday-suited. If you've dug the previous handmade issues of Atom-Bomb Bikini, you're gonna absolutely LOVE this little tome.

So I know what you're thinking...How do I get one'a these little babies? Well, here's the really good part! The price of the book is 16 bucks, but as an extra incentive to get you to order your copy in advance (and therefore help me pay for this sucker), I'm offering a special 6"x 9" silkscreened print FREE to everyone who slaps down their cash before the official release date of July 4, 2009. It'll only be available this one time, in an edition only as big as there are preorders...no doubt less than a hundred or so. And of course, all the prints will be signed and numbered, 'natch!

The whole mess will cost just $21 (which includes $5 shipping...a couple bucks more for international buyers), and the books should ship out by the first couple weeks of July...could be a bit sooner, hopefully not much later."

Go to his blog and check out his art for yourself. And don't forget to pre-order your own copy of his book!


Keith said...

I would love to find a chick like that if I was in outer space.

K and S said...

Me and you both, Keith!

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