Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Times are tough all over and even our enchanted princesses are feeling the pinch of this economy. Princess Amerah is renting herself out (no, not like that, you perverts) in the Salt Lake City area for parties, charities and business events. She's so confident in her princess powers, she's even offering a money back guarantee. Order the Royal Appearance and for 30 minutes Princess Amerah will sing a song, read a story, teach a dance or birthday song, get a special tiara and have a meet and greet photo opportunity. My birthday is coming up this weekend but she'd probably be too creeped out to book a performance for a 42 year-old man's birthday party. Guess I'll never know how I'd look in that tiara.


Keith said...

I had a dirty mind about this one. lol

K and S said...

You're not alone. It's the first place my mind went to also.

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