Saturday, June 27, 2009


The women of Malmö fought the good fight and won the right to bathe topless in the city's public swimming pools.

The city's sports and recreation committee voted on Wednesday against a motion entitled: "Women with two-piece swimsuits ought to wear a top piece".

The committee eventually settled on the wording that "everybody should wear bathing suits" at Malmö pools but there is no requirement for women to cover their breasts.

But eventually the committee overcame its misgivings and the final decision was unanimous.

“I’m satisfied with the decision,” Bengt Forsberg, chair of the sports and recreation committee on recreation, told The Local.

“Everyone is required to have a swimsuit when visiting the city’s indoor pools and if it doesn’t cover the upper body, that’s OK too.”

According to Forsberg, some on the council had lobbied for wording which would have required women to keep their nipples covered, but Forsberg explained that attempting to enforce such a rule would have been too complicated.

"We don't define what bathing suits men should wear so it doesn't make much sense to do it for women. And besides, it's not unusual for men to have large breasts that resemble women's breasts," he said.

Looks like America is no longer the greatest country on earth. Come on all you feminists out there! Fight to bare your breasts!


Keith said...

I wanna move to Sweden myself!

K and S said...

Let's start packin', brother!

Anonymous said...

Beware of what you might see....

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