Tuesday, July 7, 2009


When I first read about the movie Big Fan a few weeks ago, I lost interest immediately. I hate sports and Patton Oswalt is like pineapple to me, I like it but I can only take it in small doses. Despite my initial reaction, I watched the trailer anyway and I have to say, it looks really good with Patton Oswalt turning in a strong performance. Being a complete nerd, I can understand being obsessed with a movie or TV show, only to meet some cast member who turns out to be a total tool.

Big Fan hits theaters August 28th, 2009.

Paul (Patton Oswalt) lives at home with his mother, spending his off hours calling in to local sports-radio station 760 The Zone, where he rants in support of his beloved team, often against his mysterious on-air rival, Eagles fan Philadelphia. His family berates him for doing nothing with his life, but they don’t understand the depth of his love of the Giants or the responsibility his fandom carries. One night, Paul and his best friend Sal spot Giants star linebacker Quantrell Bishop at a gas station in their neighborhood. They impulsively follow his limo into Manhattan, to a strip club, where they hang in the background, agog at their hero. Paul cautiously decides to approach him, stepping into the rarefied air of football stardom — and things do not go as planned. The fallout of this chance encounter brings Paul’s world crashing down around him as his family, the team, the media and the authorities engage in a tug of war over Paul, testing his allegiances and calling into question everything he believes in. Meanwhile, the Giants march toward a late-season showdown with the Eagles, unaware that sometimes the most brutal struggles take place far from the field of play.


Keith said...

I've given you an award at my latest post on my Sugar & Spice blog.

K and S said...

Wow, thank you very much, Keith! It's my first award!

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