Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Variety reports Fredrik Bond will be directing Hack/Slash based on the popular comic book series for Rogue Pictures.

"Hack/Slash," based on the Devil's Due Publishing comicbook, has been a top contender to receive a greenlight at Rogue for some time, and it remained a high priority after Relativity acquired the company from Universal early this year and spun it off as a separate entity.

Property, created by Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli, revolves around Cassie Hack, a young woman who travels the country, taking on homicidal maniacs and serial killers along the way.

Justin Marks ("He-Man and the Masters of the Universe," "Voltron") penned the most recent draft of the actioner, which will include a heavy dose of comedy along with the monster mashing.

Pic is expected to lense early next year.

Monsters were apparently destined to be part of Bond's first foray into directing films. The Swede is attached to shepherd U's remake of "The Host" and Warner Bros.' redo of "The Hunger" for Scott Free.

Bond is best known for his commercial work for such companies as Adidas, JCPenney, Pepsi and Volkswagen as well as Moby's musicvid for the song "Bodyrock."

Todd Lincoln had previously been attached to helm "Hack/Slash."

So not only do we learn who will direct Hack/Slash but we also discover a remake of The Hunger is on the way. The Hunger is such a great movie and doesn't require a remake. Hollywood should have learned it's lesson about remakes after the remake of The Heartbreak Kid.

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