Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Variety announced a film adaptation of the comic book series Echo will soon be headed to a theater near you.

Echo, created by Terry Moore of Strangers in Paradise fame, tells the story of photographer Julie Martin who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. A military experiment explodes overhead, leaving her covered in a liquid metal. Julie discovers she now has the power of a nuclear bomb but the military wants the "walking weapon" for their own use.

"Watchment" producer Lloyd Levin has acquired screen rights to "Echo," a comicbook series by Terry Moore. Deal was six figures.

Levin also produced the "Hellboy" films, both with Larry Gordon. Levin is also a producer on the upcoming Paul Greengrass-directed Universal drama "Green Zone."

Moore's comicbook credits include the "Strangers in Paradise" series.

Comicbooks have never been hotter in Hollywood, especially after "The Dark Knight" dominated last year's box office and Marvel has successfully set up its film division to launch its superheroes on the bigscreen, such as "Iron Man."

But studios aren't just interested in caped crusaders.

"Echo," well, echoes more recent deals where studios are becoming more interested in non-superhero fare.

I welcome comic book-based movies with no superheroes or at least non-traditional superheroes. The star of Echo does have superpowers with the liquid metal suit but it's not the typical take you see in regular comic books. Echo is a smart series, full of twists and turns. Hopefully Hollywood will do the series right.

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