Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Garrett Gilchrist, director of Shamelessly, the She-Hulk fan film, is a busy man. He's written, directed and edited 8 features and has over 30 short films under his belt. But he's not content to sit back and relax, he wants to make you laugh. Gilchrist offers a comedic commentary, ala Mystery Science Theater style, to the 1978 film, Starcrash, starring the sexy Caroline Munro. Starcrash is one of my favorite bad movies. I picked up a bootleg version of it years ago and it gets played over and over again, making me laugh each time at it's cheap effects and terrible acting. It has David Hasselhoff in it, need I say more? Well, Garrett Gilchrist has plenty more to say about the movie and it's all funny. Here's the first clip to get you started. You can watch the rest of the film here. So click on the clips and laugh along with Garrett.

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