Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Welcome to the first edition of Cosplay Goddess, a new feature here on Don't Stand There Gawping! where we spotlight some of the best cosplayers. Initially my intention was to do a post about Rikku cosplay but after talking to Illiara, I decided to start a new post dedicated to the women who steal our hearts at cons.

Illiara is spunky, brash, funny and loves a good peanut butter sammich. An animal lover with a taste for junk food, she enjoys video games, motorcycles, dancing and comic books. She started cosplay as Thief Rikku back in 2003 and has been making costumes ever since.

Stay tuned for more about Illiara and her costumes. Meanwhile, you can check out her Flickr Photostream or learn more about her at her MySpace page.


Fabián Fucci said...

Awesome pics! Have you ever worked for video games?

K and S said...

I'm assuming your question is directed to the lovely Illiara and not my scruffy self, Fabian. You can ask her directly at her MySpace page using the link in the post. And I agree with you, they are "awesome pics"!

Anonymous said...

You can totally add enthusiastic and sponaneous to her list of attributes/interests.

K and S said...

As well as beautiful and talented. Thanks for the comment!

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