Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Marvel Comics is making a big deal about the new motion comic for the upcoming series, Spider-Woman. Like most collectors I'm skeptical about motion comics. I mean, the story is already drawn out for you. Do you really have to see the images move to better understand the story? Some books with poor art could use some motion to help better tell the story but a comic book already reads like a movie. The next step for a comic book is to become a film, not some bastardized stepchild of a movie. But like most comic book nerds, I am curious about the new medium and will definitely check it out. The trailer looks good and it maybe the only time we'll ever see Spider-Woman on screen.

Comic book retailers are already worried about digital comics and fear comic books will go the way of CD's, becoming a relic in our digital world. And with a trailer like this, I'm sure they'll grow much more nervous.


Keith said...

That looks really cool. I can understand them being nervous.

K and S said...

The trailer looks good. Anyone dealing in paper these days has a lot of reason to be nervous. I think comic books will be around for many years to come but I thought the same thing about CD's and was completely off the mark about that.

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