Monday, December 1, 2008


Freeze Me is a bloody revenge thriller directed by Takashi Ishii and features Harumi Inoue as Chihiro, a young professional woman starting a new life in Toyko. But Chihiro's past won't let her go. Raped by a three men five years earlier, afraid to report the incident, Chihiro leaves her hometown for the big city. But the three men find her and want to pick up where they left off. What follows is Chihiro's revenge, which is brutal and unforgettable.

Freeze Me is the Asian equivolent to I Spit On Your Grave, a simple revenge plot, nothing more. It plays like a low-budget thriller, light on plot and psychology, a simple idea stretched for 101 minutes. But Freeze Me works due to the tension, graphic violence, disturbing characters and Inoue's gripping performance as she falls into insanity. And like I Spit On Your Grave, it's destined to become a cult classic.

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