Monday, December 1, 2008


Here's the latest still from the upcoming Wonder Woman direct-to-dvd animated movie. Keri Russell gives voice to the titled Amazon and features other fanboy favorites, Nathan Fillion and Rosario Dawson. The movie will tell the origin of Wonder Woman:
Wonder Woman begins on the mystical island of Themyscira, where a proud and fierce warrior race of Amazons resides. They have raised Princess Diana, a daughter of stunning beauty, extraordinary strength and incredible fighting prowess. Diana possesses a host of super human powers granted to her by the gods and goddesses of Olympus and her strength and stamina are unparalleled. When Air Force fighter pilot Steve Trevor crash lands on the island, the rebellious and headstrong Diana defies Amazonian law by accompanying Trevor back to civilization. Meanwhile, Ares (the God of War) has escaped his imprisonment at the hands of the Amazons and has decided to exact his revenge by starting a world war that will destroy them all. It is up to Princess Diana to save her people and the world by using her gifts to become the ultimate Wonder Woman.
For a list of special features, screen shots and pre-production artwork, click here. The DVD will be released February 24, 2009.

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