Monday, June 1, 2009


Batman and Joker are like God and Satan, you can't have one without the other. BAM! KAPOW! has a list of The Top Five Batman VS Joker Stories You May Have Missed and no, "The Killing Joke" and "The Dark Knight Returns" aren't listed. I'm not a big Batman fan anymore. The courageous and heroic character I grew up with has been replaced by an angry, grumbling old man. And don't even get me started about his current hack/writer, Grant Morrison. While I'll never see the return of the Batman I grew up with, it's always fun to re-read some of the classic stories. The list contains spoilers so read at your own risk.


Keith said...

So what do you think of the animated series of The Brave & The Bold?

K and S said...

Actually, I haven't had a chance to catch an entire episode. I've only caught a snippet of one episode which featured Batman peeling off the bat symbol of his chest, much like Superman did in Superman II. Very weird.

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