Friday, November 13, 2009


DSTG! goes to great depths to bring you the latest in comic books, movies, music and fashion news. We find interesting stories, like this one, for you, our readers. It's all part of the extensive research we do for our audience. It's a tireless job but we do it because our readers demand it.

It seems the G-string is too constrictive and bulky. Now comes the C-string, which "is a completely new and exciting innovation in lingerie. Say goodbye to panty lines and uncomfortable straps."

Starting at $24.99 and offered in a variety of colors, the C-string can be worn under all your favorite clothes or worn alone as swimwear or lingerie.


Keith said...

Wow. What a great invention.

K and S said...

This could possibly be one of the greatest inventions of all time!

Suss said...

i for one appreciate the tireless work you do

K and S said...

Thanks, "Suss". I appreciate that.

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