Saturday, November 21, 2009


J. Jonah Jameson is at it again. The Daily Bugle and The News Tribune report Spider-Man robbed a restaurant at gun point in Tacoma, Washington. We all know it wasn't Peter Parker under that mask. Plus, Spider-Man lives in New York.

Idris Elba (whoever that is) joins the cast of Thor as Heimdall, a guardian of Asgard.

Be prepared to be stunned (pun intended). A phaser, just like in Star Trek, is being developed.

Speaking of Star Trek (pun intended again), a man spoke only Klingon to his child for the first three years of its life but claims he isn't really a huge Star Trek fan. Riiiiight.

Scary movies aren't just for Halloween. Watch these Horror Movies for Thanksgiving.

Check out this Wonder Woman sculpture made out of Wonder Bread using 11 loafs of bread as well as their bags.

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