Sunday, November 8, 2009


MTV caught up with Sam Rockwell and talked to him about his role in Iron Man 2. In the film, he helps Rhodey create War Machine.

David Goyer confirms the Ghost Rider sequel isn't a reboot. It will take place 8 years after the first film.

The official Kick-Ass movie website is up but little is there. The trailer is scheduled to premiere on MySpace on November 15th.

The beautiful and talented Helen Mirren joins the cast of Red, a new movie based on the Wildstorm/DC comic book. Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis are also on board.

Edward Norton continues to be a douchebag and avoiding any involvement with the Hulk franchise. Personally, I'd be happy never to see him on screen again.

Sam Raimi and the rest are back for Spider-Man 4. I was hoping for a reboot with a new director and cast. Mania has 5 Rules for a Spider-Man Reboot. I agree with their list, especially the rule about keeping the mask on!

Dread Central has set photos from 30 Days of Night: Dead Days. Melissa George is out as "Stella." It's a bad sign when no one from the original cast signed on for the sequel.

John Cusak wants to be in the film adapation of Preacher.

I've mentioned Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep!! before and his hilarious comic book reviews. This time he takes a look at a Silver Age Supergirl story.

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