Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I just caught my second screening of Zombieland this past weekend. It's one of my favorite movies of the year, so you can bet I'm pleased as punch to discover a regular and Special Edition DVD release is scheduled for February 2, 2010.

Drive-in movie theaters aren't dead. Movie Moron has a look at the Top 5 Best Drive-In Theaters. I hope they consulted Joe Bob Briggs for this story.

A man's home is his castle and every castle needs a throne. Take a look at this throne made of Nintendo cartridges.

Ladies, dress to impress by picking up a pair of these Wonder Woman panties! Tiara and magic lasso sold separately.

Dr. Horrible just Tweeted! That's right, Neil Patrick Harris joins Twitter to Tweet about Tweety things.

DC Comics gives a sneak peek at the 50th issue of Supergirl featuring artwork by the late Michael Turner.


Keith said...

I love that pic you posted. Never saw Zombieland at the theater so I definitely wanna get it on DVD.

K and S said...

Thanks, Keith. I think you'll really love Zombieland.

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