Saturday, November 7, 2009


MTV has an 7-page exclusive look at Zack Whedon's upcoming comic book, Dr. Horrible, revealing how Billy became an evil doctor.

Got a busy schedule? Can't keep track of all the meetings coming up in the next year? Well, nip it in the bud with The Andy Griffith Show Wall Calendar.

Get a preview of Fables #90.

Baby, he was born to write. Newsmax reports Bruce Springsteen is working on an autobiography that could fetch a $10 million advance. Thanks, Stan!

Brian Regan has lots of goodies just in time for the holidays.

Bam! Kapow! has 15 Greatest Moments on Sesame Street.

Record your thoughts with these cassette tape notebooks. Each notebook comes in a clear cassette tape box with 100 pages.

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