Monday, November 30, 2009


Has your get-up-and-go done got-up-and-went? You need to download Time for Timer public service announcements!

Cult classic and Roger Ebert-hated I Spit on Your Grave is being remade. *sigh* Bloody Disgusting has the "First Word".

Ever seen A Man Eating Chicken? Usually tourist traps fall short of their promise but here's the Top 10 Bizarre Tourist Attractions.

The question used to be, will we ever see a good Superman movie? Now the question is, will we ever see another Superman movie? Not any time soon. The Superman movies are on hold.

Disney Parks Blog has "Now and Then" photos taken outside Walt Disney's on-site apartment.

Click over to the Wonder Woman Museum, "A Fansite of Amazonian Art, Literature and Memorabilia.


tim said...

It's funny that you put up Time for Timer, I just found that on youtube the other day and showed it to my kids. I've got to go now...I am hankering for a hunka cheese.

K and S said...

And don't forget to brush your teeth, Tim. You don't want to be a Yuck Mouth!

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