Monday, November 16, 2009


The entire MGM library is up for sale. In a press release, MGM said it was, "beginning a process to explore various strategic alternatives including operating as a standalone entity, forming strategic partnerships and evaluating a potential sale of the company."

Joss Whedon talks about the cancellation of Dollhouse and is already at work on a new project. "By the time the last episode airs, you'll know what my next project is. But for now there's a lot of work still to be done, and disappointment to bear."

"I want to believe." That sums up why the world gets taken in by hoaxers and con men. Find out more with 5 Myths That People Don't Realize Are Admitted Hoaxes.

Let's face it, the Batmobile isn't always the best way to get around. Sure, it's great if there's no traffic but what is our Caped Crusader to do when it's bumper-to-bumper? Check out the 12 Batman Vehicles.

The Encore television network will host a Big '80s Weekend, a three-day movie marathon tribute to the late John Hughes. The documentary, Don't You Forget About Me, will kick off the festivities.

Rituals (aka The Creeper), the 1977 Canadian horror film about a group of doctors lost in the wilderness while on a camping trip, only to be stalked and hunted by a killer, is finally available on a remastered and uncensored DVD.

Speaking of wilderness, check out this Swamp Thing cosplayer.

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