Thursday, October 8, 2009


Check out this footage from this canceled video game for The Flash.

"This is early game footage from the canceled Flash video game. When our publisher Brash folded we were about 6 months into full production with about a year still to go on the game so please excuse the roughness of how it looks at this stage. A lot of the core elements were just starting to surface and we were all really saddened that the game couldn't be saved. It was showing much potential. As such we just wanted to share a sample of what the game could have been like. Enjoy!"

What a shame. It looks like it was a good game.


Tim said...

I have always liked Flash, too bad.

Keith said...

I never knew there ever was going to be a game.

K and S said...

Looks like it could have been a fun game but I guess we'll never know.

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