Sunday, October 11, 2009


Carrie is the story of a fragile, abused girl (Sissy Spacek) with telekinetic powers who falls victim to a horrible prank. Her classmates discover too late that they pushed her too far.


*Melanie Griffith auditioned for the title role.

*Sissy Spacek wasn't considered for the role of Carrie until her husband, art director Jack Fisk, convinced director Brian De Palma to allow her to audition.

*The name of the high school is Bates High, a reference to Norman Bates from Psycho (1960). In addition, the four note violin theme from Psycho is used over and over in the film.

*The dizzying camera shot during the prom scene was achieved by placing William Katt and Sissy Spacek on a platform that was spinning in one direction, while the camera was being dollied in the opposite direction.

*The pig's blood dumped on Sissy Spacek was karo syrup and food coloring, although she was willing to have real blood dumped on her.

*This was the first Stephen King novel adapted into a movie.

*George Lucas and Brian De Palma held a joint audition for Carrie and Star Wars (1977). There is a long-standing rumor that originally, Sissy Spacek was cast as Princess Leia, and Carrie Fisher as Carrie, but when Fisher refused to appear in nude scenes and Spacek was willing to do them, they switched parts. However, Fisher refuted this story in a Premiere magazine article called "The Force Wasn't With Them," about actors who auditioned unsuccessfully for Star Wars (1977). That article quoted Fisher as saying, "Not only do I love being nude, I would've been nude then... But anyway, it's total bullshit [that Fisher refused to play Carrie]."

*Amy Irving who played Sue Snell, originally read for the part of Princess Leia, and William Katt, who played Tommy Ross, originally read for the part of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars (1977).

*Stephen King based Carrie White on two girls he knew while at school, both were social outcasts from deeply religious families and both died while still in their twenties.



Tim said...

Definitely one of the better Stephen King adaptations.

K and S said...

I agree, Tim. The Shining is still my favorite but Carrie is very good.

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