Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Ginger Snaps tells the story of two socially misfit sisters obsessed with death, Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald. While kidnapping the neighbor's dog, Ginger starts her period, attracting a werewolf who attacks her. The film uses werewolf transformation as a metaphor for puberty and has many hilarious moments.


*Among the students paged over the school's PA system by an uncredited Lucy Lawless are Samuel and Theodore Raimi. Ted Raimi was Lawless' co-star on "Xena: Warrior Princess" (1995); Ted's brother Sam Raimi was the show's executive producer.

*The role of Ginger originally was offered to Sarah Polley and Natasha Lyonne, but they both turned it down.

*Writer Karen Walton singled out Emily Perkins and Katharine Isabelle's audition tape and said their performances were the exact way she had envisioned the characters of Ginger and Brigitte. The two were cast as the leads.

*The opening shots of the girls fake suicides had to be shot on location at an actual home. Someone would have to distract the home owner's four year old child whenever the actresses, who would be covered by fake gore, would have to come inside to change.

*Many of the 'day' scenes had to be scheduled to be shot at night. The crew brought in a large four eighteen kilowatt light to flood the filming locations with light so it would appear to be day on film. Reportedly the light was strong enough to be seen by aircraft in the sky.

*Director John Fawcett refused to have CGI effects in the film, opting for all of the special creature effects to be done with prosthetics and makeup.

*Katherine Isabelle's monster makeup would take seven hours to apply and an additional two hours to remove after shooting.

*Ginger Snaps was the fifth highest grossing Canadian film of 2001.



Keith said...

I love this film. There aren't that many good werewolf movies so it's nice to see one come along.

K and S said...

I love werewolf movies too and there aren't many of them. Ginger Snaps is the perfect combination of horror and comedy.

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