Monday, October 12, 2009


Dog Soldiers is the story of six soldiers on a military exercise that turns into a bloodbath when a full moon rises.


*One of the soldiers in this movie is called Bruce Campbell, a reference to The Evil Dead (1981).

*In the scene where Wells asks Cooper to knock him out, Kevin McKidd (Cooper) throws a stage punch the first time, but misjudges the distance of the second and catches Sean Pertwee (Wells) on the nose. Pertwee didn't feel the punch however as he really was drunk for that scene.

*Sean Pertwee's character "Sgt. Harry G. Wells" is named after H.G. Wells, one of writer/director Neil Marshall's favorite authors.

*There is very little CGI used in the movie because the people involved in the filming believed that CGI was being over-used at the time and that it would take viewers out of the movie because they would be focused on how the special effects looked rather than the story, thus the werewolves are animatronics and body suits with stilts.

*Being Scottish, Kevin McKidd who plays Cooper spotted that there is nowhere in Scotland that is a four hour drive from anywhere as mentioned in the film, but chose not to say anything.

*Simon Pegg was offered a part in the film, but turned it down after Edgar Wright asked him to save his first horror role for Shaun of the Dead (2004).



Keith said...

I saw this for the first time just the other week. I thought it was awesome.

K and S said...

It's a really fun movie. Glad you liked it.

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