Sunday, October 18, 2009


Back in June, we did a Just Listen post featuring Brandi Carlile. Earlier this month, she released her new CD, Give Up the Ghost, featuring the hit single, "Dreams."

From her website, she sent out the following message:

Today is the day!!!!! Our third record, Give Up the Ghost, comes out on a major label. Time is flying here in my late 20s!

I've been collecting these email addresses since I was 18-years-old -- in bars, on the street, on napkins, and scraps. It may seem out of context to you, but to me it all adds up to make perfect sense. For instance, you showed up by the dozens when we played in bars and earned us our residencies. You showed up by the hundreds to our label showcases and helped us earn a record deal. Now you show up in tens of thousands, and we see you on the road but YOU keep us there.

There are so many of you now, that if just half of you went out and bought ghost this week, it would send an absolute shock wave through the record label and continue to send the message loud and clear that WE ALL get to decide what's mainstream and what touches us. Use your voice this week!

We are so proud of ghost. We believe it to be the most important record we've made, and we cant wait to hear what you think...i hope....gulp ;-)

Call your local radio station! Support your local record store! And thanks so much for holding us up and lighting the way.

brandi, tim, phil...and josh ;-)

You can learn more about Brandi Carlile on her official website and pick up a copy of Give Up the Ghost here.

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