Saturday, October 10, 2009


TheDescent is about a group of women who go on a caving expedition. They find out to their horror that they are not alone.


*The cast members were taken to a rock-climbing center in Derbyshire to help prepare them for filming.

*Among the bones that Sarah falls into is a wolf's head which came from one of the werewolves from Neil Marshall's previous film Dog Soldiers (2002).

*According to the audio commentary on the special edition DVD, there was a exact replica made of Nora-Jane Noone and after the movie was finished, she got to keep the head of the doll and put it in her mother's freezer as a joke.

*At Neil Marshall's insistence, all the people playing the villainous "crawlers" were professional actors rather than stunt men or dancers. He wanted them to cultivate a distinct character for their crawler, although, in the finished film, many crawlers only appear for a few seconds.

*The jokey production name given during filming was "Chicks with Picks".

*No real caves appear anywhere in film, they were all sets built at Pinewood Studios, London created by Production Designer Simon Bowles.

*The appearance of the creatures was kept secret from the cast members until the first scene in which they encounter them was filmed. When the cast were finally filming the scene where the girls encounter the crawlers, the girls were genuinely scared and screamed the building down, running off set and laughing.



Keith said...

I love that movie. I thought it was awesome. I am ready for the sequel. Hope you've had a good weekend.

K and S said...

It's a fun movie. I'm not sure if the sequel is out yet or not. Had a great weekend and hope you did as well, my friend.

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