Thursday, October 1, 2009


Ben Vaughn recorded an entire album in his car. That's right, Rambler '65 is not only title of his album but also where he set up his recording studio.

"I was producing demos in a studio in Hoboken and we were having a problem getting a good sound from this conga player. As a joke, I said, 'why don't we just go stick it out in the car — it's gotta sound better in there.' It was as innocent as that really. But then I started thinking, I wonder what it would sound like? A Rambler's what I drive. I've owned nothing but Ramblers since high school. I'm on my fifth one. I love the car."

While "Cashier Girl" isn't from Rambler '65 and I'm not sure if this is the official video for the song, it exemplifies Vaughn's unique writing style and his catchy music.

You can learn more about Ben Vaughn on his official website and purchase his music here.

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