Thursday, April 23, 2009


Pin-up model icon, Bettie Page, is the focus of a upcoming new documentary, Bettie Page Reveals All. Featuring interviews by people who knew her best, the phenomenon of Bettie Page is retold by pin-up photographers Bunny Yeager and Paula Claw, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, stripper Tempest Storm and many others.

In a docu-comedy romp through 1950's American pop-culture, the reclusive "Dark Angel," Bettie Page, chronicles the behind-the-scenes story of her rise as a cult icon and for the first time fully reveals the story of her mysterious appearance at the height of her career in 1957. Unseen for more than 50 years and known to the public only by her iconic photographs, an unparalleled mystique has built up around Bettie Page. Here. she reveals the real woman behind the iconic image.

Amidst a melange of 1950's pop culture: hit songs, TV commercials, sci-fi movie clips, moralizing film shorts and much more, Bettie Page regales viewers with anecdotes of bondage and fetish photo shoots, arrest for indecent exposure, attempted black mail by law enforcement authorities, persecution by the 1956 Democratic Vice Presidential candidate for pornography, failed marriages and lovers she jilted. She literally reveals all - the good and the bad - in her own words – from Nashville orphanage and hard scrabble childhood, sexual abuse, high school salutatorian, propositions by celebrities like, Howard Hughes, finding God and crusading with Billy Graham, arrest for attempted murder and incarceration in a mental institution.
Pin-up photographers Bunny Yeager and Paula Klaw, as well as camera club/3-D photographer, Art Amsie, and stripper, Tempest Storm, provide personal stories and insight into the life and career of Bettie Page.

Bettie's mushrooming influence on fashion, art, photography, sexuality, film, music and youth culture is articulated by pin-up artist, Olivia, Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner, TV evanagelist, Rev. Robert Schuller, erotica collector and publisher, Joel Beren, Bettie's agent and attorney, Mark Roesler, fashion designers Todd Oldham and Chantal Thomass and model/actresses Rebecca Romijn and Shalom Harlow.

Some of Bettie's close friends in her later years give insight into Bettie, the person behind the iconic image – Steve Brewster, founder of Bettie Scouts of America, Carlo Shahumian, neighbor and friend during the last eight years of her life and Devin Devasquez, former Playmate and a confidant to Bettie.

Click here to check out the official site for the movie and watch the trailer.


Keith said...

I wouldn't mind seeing that. That is one stunning pic of her you posted. Wow! That definitely made my morning.

Keith said...

Thanks, Keith. She was a beauty.

mark mori said...

K and S
Just came across your post. Thanks for putting up the blurb about the film and for the links. I invite you to participate in our Bettie Page Forum and to keep up with the film.
Mark Mori, Director, Bettie Page Reveals All

Keith said...

Thanks, Mark. I hope to watch your movie someday. The trailer looks great!

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