Wednesday, April 29, 2009


That's right, David Croenberg's cult classic Videodrome is now on the list for a remake. Screenwriter Ehren Kruger of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has been hired to write the script and will be turning it into a "large-scale sci-fi action thriller". Croenenberg isn't involved with the production at this point and I doubt he ever will be. The original Videodrome starred James Woods as the head of a sleazy television channel who programs "Videodrome", a plotless series showing torture and murder. "Videodrome" becomes a big hit, provoking brain tumors in it's viewers through it's signal.

A remake of Croenenberg's Scanners is already in development.

Seriously, a "large-scale sc-fil action thriller"? Why even bother calling it a remake? Croenenberg's work is unique and inspiring. It can't be remade, especially by the writer of a Transformers' sequel.


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