Tuesday, April 21, 2009


When I first started this blog, I would feature an item from my personal collection of vintage circus photos and postcards. I did a few posts, featuring "The Armless Venus" - Frances O'Connor, a circus cowboy doing rope tricks and a girlie show. Eventually I stopped, thinking there was very little interest in the items.

But I've decided to give it another go, showcasing a different real photo postcard, photograph or vintage item once a week. So welcome to the all new weekly feature, From The Collection, my own little Show-and-Tell.

This real photo postcard of an unknown contortionist is my latest addition to the collection. The back of the postcard is postally unused with no writing on the back. I believe it's from around 1910.

At one time, contortionists could only be seen in circuses or fairs but they soon became regular performers in nightclubs, vaudeville and television variety shows.

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