Sunday, April 5, 2009


After an antique show or convention, my dad would always ask if I found any treasures. This past Saturday was the Lexington Comic Book Show. It's a very small show but it's always fun getting together with friends and looking at comic books, or "funny books" as Jeff likes to call 'em. Here are a few of my treasures from the show.

I think this Lois Lane cover helped a lot of boys become men. Nerdy, mouth-breathing men but men, none the less.

I'd rather see Supergirl cat fight Batgirl than Cleopatra. Oh well, no matter who loses, we are the winners.

Supergirl didn't choose my costume design of pasties and a g-string. All I'm saying is know your audience, Supergirl.

And I got to meet Iron Man! He didn't like the joke about having a View-Master reel in the middle of his chest.

The only bad part of it is, now I have to wait an entire year for another comic book show. Sigh.

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