Thursday, April 9, 2009


Actor/screenwriter Billy Bob Thornton must have been inspired by Joaquin Phoenix, wanting to be considered more than just an actor; he now wants to be seen as a serious musician but instead has become a complete douche bag. A disc jockey attempts to interview Billy Bob about his band, The Boxmasters, and began the interview with an introduction about Billy Bob's Hollywood history. Apparently this really ticked him off. He trashes the interview, refusing to answer questions and instead rambles on about Famous Monsters of Filmland, baseball, and other nonsense. He also compares himself to Tom Petty. A lot.

Normally I don't post celebrity stories or tabloid articles because I couldn't care less about that stuff but I've been a Billy Bob Thornton fan for years and loved his work in movies. I shrugged off his eccentric behavior in the past, such as wearing a vial of Angelina Jolie's blood around his neck and his antique phobia, but this just pisses me off to see another spoiled actor believing his own hype. Act and shut the f*ck up. I've heard your music and you sir, are no Tom Petty. You're not even Tom Jones.

So much for the good ol' boy from Arkansas. Maybe he can do the soundtrack for the next Christian Bale movie. They'd make a great pair.

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