Saturday, April 25, 2009


Now you can play Dracula and... um... well, some other monster who likes to drink urine. That's right, ThinkGeek has candy that looks like a blood sample and urine specimen.

Blood normally stays in your body, unless there's an accident. Urine normally stays in your body until there's an accident. But either way, neither of these liquid go into your mouth. Until now! Because now, there are Sour Candy Body Fluids, and the one place they are supposed to go is your mouth. Think of it - candy pee and candy blood - just what you never knew you always wanted.

Ok, nothing, NOTHING, will make folks cringe like watching you drink pee straight from a real live urine specimen container. And it will make you cringe too, but not because it tastes bad. Oh no, the urine tastes like a deliciously thick lemonade - only really, really sour (hence the cringing). Likewise the blood looks just like real blood, in a real specimen vial - but it tastes like intensely sour cherry. We love this stuff; it tastes great and the disgusting fun is to die for. Sour Candy Body Fluids are the only time that having blood mixed in with your urine is a good thing - then you have yummy, sour cherry lemonade! Lip-smacking gross!

I think I'll order mine and sample them down at the local Urgent Treatment Center to see what kind of reaction I get.

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