Sunday, April 12, 2009


Disney has been green for years, reusing their animation in film after film. After all the Disney movies I've watched over the years, you think I would have noticed this a long time ago but I was too wrapped up in the stories and characters to notice the recycled scenes. I think a little bit of my soul died when I saw this clip.


Anonymous said...

I had no idea it would be this dramatic! Saw a clip recycling in Star Wars of course, but that was an EXACT scene copy. ...But this copying I can't believe! How much could they have benefitted from reusing the animations? ...Or did they deliberately want to give fans something to notice?

Keith said...

I was shocked myself when I saw how they just reused entire scenes. And I'm surprised it went unnoticed for so long. Of course, Disney did this long before VHS and DVD's came along so they probably thought no one would ever be able to compare the films.

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